caudal analgesia

caudal analgesia

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  • caudal anesthesia — n loss of pain sensation below the navel produced by injection of an anesthetic into the caudal portion of the vertebral canal called also caudal analgesia * * * see under block …   Medical dictionary

  • caudal anesthesia — noun regional anesthesia resulting from injection of an anesthetic into the caudal end of the spinal canal; now largely replaced by epidural anesthesia • Syn: ↑caudal anaesthesia, ↑caudal block • Hypernyms: ↑regional anesthesia, ↑regional… …   Useful english dictionary

  • analgesia caudal continua — método de analgesia empleado en obstetricia consistente en la infusión continua de una solución de analgésico en el conducto sacro. Diccionario ilustrado de Términos Médicos.. Alvaro Galiano. 2010 …   Diccionario médico

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  • Periduralanästhesie — Lage des Rückenmarks im Spinalkanal Die Periduralanästhesie (von griechisch περί peri, „neben“, „rundherum“, lateinisch Dura [mater] „die harte [Hirnhaut]“ und altgriechisch αἶσθησις aisthesis, „Wahrnehmung“ …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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